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    Counting My Kisses is all about finding that silver lining, even on our most frustrating days. It’s about cherishing my little girls and enjoying being married to my best friend. It’s about taking a minute to stop & remember what’s really important in life—and to discover that each & every experience gives us something to be thankful for.

    I’m a daughter, sister, friend, writer, and most importantly these days, a wife & mother. My life is full of fun chaotic moments, and this blog helps me to capture the laughter and love that fills our house every day.

    Thanks for joining me on this adventure!

Hello, Monday! {summer happenings}

Hi friends!


Hope you had a fab weekend! Ours was great~ lots of cleaning, organizing & enjoying this super fun summer as a family. The warm sunshine + our sweet little fam makes me SO happy!

It’s a brand-new week~ let’s welcome it, shall we?!



date night with Little O! We took her to Lion King the Musical and she LOVED it {and so did we!}. 


to our Little Miss, enjoying her “fancy” night out with Mommy & Daddy. She picked up the edge of her dress {a la Sofia the First} ALL night. So funny! 


to our sweet girls, enjoying a summer treat on a super hot night {also: yay for slow melt popsicles! You RULE! Thanks for introducing us, Aunt Diann!}. 


to Daddy tickles & snuggles & giggles. Oh, my heart. Love these three more than words can express! 


to fun zoo trips with friends! Have I mentioned we love summer?! 


to hanging out poolside with Auntie Jen & Uncle Chris. So.much.fun! 


to the adorable Cousin C. Seriously, could you get any cuter, buddy?! 


to Little O, H-Berry & Cousin M~ we have to get a popsicle shot of the three girls at least once a summer! 


to a super fun visit with Mimi! It was short but full of sweet treats & moments. 


to 30 weeks! Woo hoo! The excitement is growing {and so is my baby bump!}. We can’t WAIT to meet Baby Nug in September!


to summertime shrieks of pure delight. Love love love

And hello…

to getting back on track with my blogging schedule, making tons of progress on the baby’s nursery & an adventure-filled week for both girls {more on that Wednesday}!


What are you saying hello to this week, friends? Share in the comments section & have a great day!

Counting My Kisses: We’ve been busy bees over here~ lots of fun, lots of visitors & lots of work getting done on the house! I usually don’t nest until right before the baby is born, but this time around, I’m already in full lets-get-these-closets-cleaned-NOW mode! I can’t wait to show you the progress we’re making on the nursery, as well as the final result. Squee!!!

{linking up with Lisa Leonard’s fab Hello Monday series!}.

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Oh sprinkler, how I love thee.

Hello, friends!

Sorry for my MIA-ness! This insane heat + the Hubs’ travel schedule + being 30 weeks pregnant is kind of forcing the blog to take a backseat this week. Many apologies!

Hope you are staying as cool as possible & having a great week. Ours has been fab~ especially now that I have figured out the easiest way to keep the girls cool during this heat.

Behold…the sprinkler. 

Love love love!

Counting My Kisses: Sprinkler, where have you been all my life?! Happy, cool kiddos running around in the water for a few hours = a win win. Hope you have a sprinkler nearby that you can run through, friends~ it’s quickly moving to the top of our Super Fun Things About Summer list!

Have a great one!

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The ABCs of our vacay

Happy Friday, friends!!!

Hope everyone has had a good week. We’ve had a busy one getting back on track, celebrating the Hubs’ birthday & doing 10,000 loads of laundry. All fun, happy things {well, except the laundry}~ with a great weekend to look forward to!

This post has taken me forever to finish, so many apologies. I waned to share some of our favorite vacation pics in a fun way, which took some time. I’m happy with the result though, and hopefully you will be too! So without further ado, I present to you…


The ABCs of our vacay

Here we go!



Amazingly beautiful ocean…and amazingly fab memories! 


Bathing beauties by the lifeguard boat.


Cousins!!! {just a small sampling of the fab cousins we spent the week with!}


Daddy-daughter shell collecting. Love! 


Our everything, wrapped up into two sweet smiles.


Family date night! 


Hanging out with Grammy & Grampy {or Gumpy, as H-Berry likes to call him}. So so cute. 


H-Berry the Sand-Berry. She would play in it for hours every day. 


Independence Day at the shore~ I love how the beach was rocking the American flags! 


Jump over those waves! Go, Little O! 


H-Berry’s first beach kiss! OMG adorbs. 


I love him. And I love how relaxed vacay makes both of us~ it’s good for the soul! 


Matching swimsuits & matching smiles. I melt


NASCAR racing at the amusement park! {or something like that…}.


Little O offering up light beach refreshments. Sand snowcone, anyone? 


{Very} pregnant belly on the beach. Nug kicked like crazy every time we were near the ocean! 


Quiet concentration from the H-Berry {she’s carefully dunking her very favorite beach toy, the world’s small watering can}. 


Lots & lots of rides at our favorite shore amusement park. 


Sisters in swimsuits. {love!}


The truest of best friends enjoying the beach together. 


Waiting out a rain shower under the umbrella! Boo on the rain, but yay for extra snuggles with our girls. 


Our view most mornings. Love love love. 


Tilt-a-whirl with H-Berry! {note: she begged to go on this!}


We spent an eXtra day here because we loved it so much! {also: I’m struggling with the X. Apologies that I sort of cheated with the eXtra. Lol}. 


I love vacay, yo


The seashell “zoo” Little O collected every day. She was SO proud of her findings! {and no worries, we only took a select few home with us!}. 

Counting My Kisses: Phew! As you can see~ it was an amazing trip. The girls adored the beach & hanging out with our awesome extended family, and the Hubs & I soaked in every single minute of laughter, sunshine & memories. We had a few meltdowns & tense moments {to be expected!}, but that just added to the excitement of traveling with small kiddos. All in all: a vacay for the memory books. Can we go back now, please?!

Have a GREAT weekend, friends!


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It was the BEST! Miss all of you, terribly.



Looks like an amazing trip!!! Such a perfect recap! Love to you all!!



Sounds like a great trip! Where were you? Also, let me know when Little O begins a business with her sand snowcones, they look awesome!



Thanks Amy! It was SUCH a fun trip~ we were in Long Beach Island, NJ. Now that we’re covered in snow I’m longing for a nice warm beach. :) And lol on the sand snowcones!!!


Hello, Monday! {happy birthday, Hubs!}

Happy Monday, friends!


And a very, very happy birthday to the Hubs! Let’s welcome the week & celebrate my favorite guy, shall we?



to September 2002~ the Hubs & I are “officially” dating {although not quite using the boyfriend/girlfriend label yet}. Oh my word, we look like BABIES. I love it. 


to my heart-meltingly cute guy {boyfriend!} at a sorority formal. Those were our days of raspberry smirnoff, dancing up a storm & ordering pizza on the walk home from the bar. Oh, college!


to summer sun, hanging by the pool with 1500 of our college friends & starting to think, I’m pretty sure he’s the one


to growing up into adults together, making it work even through a six-month, 400+ mile long distance relationship, and the knowledge that all of our twists & turns in life brought us even closer together. 


to the sweet reward: promising to love & honor you for the rest of my life in front of God, family and friends. 


to my adventure partner~ the guy who encourages me to be brave & gets me super excited about exploring the world together. 


to loving you in a whole new way once you became a father. First with Little O, then with H-Berry, and now with Baby Nug. You are the very best daddy to our little girls! 


to another great year ahead of adventures, laughter & figuring life out as a team. There is no one else I’d rather share this crazy, wonderful life journey with! Thank you for being my everything~ always

I love you, Hubs! Happy birthday!

Counting My Kisses: We are still in 7th heaven from such a wonderful vacay~ more pictures to come later on this week! In the meantime, the girls & I are planning out a great birthday for the Hubs. It’s so much fun to celebrate the most special man in our lives~ and what a great way to kick off the week, too!

Have a wonderful day, friends!

{Linking up with Lisa Leonard’s fab Hello Monday series!}

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I feel all warm and fuzzy just reading about how much you all love him. It’s really sweet. I hope I’m just as happy years down the road as you guys are right now.


Hi, I just found your blog through Lisa’s. I love this post. What a sweet way to celebrate his birthday. Hope he has a great one. I look forward to following along now.


Cheers to vacation!

Here’s to Friday, friends!

We’re still on vacay & we’re loving every minute! In honor of 4th of July, I’m raising my {juice} glass to a week full of family fun!

Here’s to our two sunbathing beauties. They are LOVING the ocean!

Here’s to a suddenly grown-up looking H-Berry. She’s the sweetest! 

Here’s to an incredibly happy 4th of July! Happy birthday, America! {and a special thank you to our family for making it a VERY happy birthday for me, too!}. 

Here’s to this guy. He’s the best & I love going on new adventures with him! 

Here’s to Little O~ our shell-collecting, giggly, brave, loves-to-play-in-the-water girl.

Here’s to H-Berry~ our sweet, dancing, just-let-me-chill-on-the-sand-with-my-watering-can-and-I’m-happy girl.

And here’s to our honey bunnies. They have been so much fun this week~ we are blessed, blessed blessed!

What are you toasting to this weekend? Have a GREAT one!

Counting My Kisses: We have two more days of vacay here at the shore, and we’re planning on enjoying every minute! Here’s to more beachy fun, warm sunshine & family time, both with our little & big family! Love!

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Aww little angels :** awesome pictures.



Great pictures! Absolutely adding Long Island Beach on the list of places to visit someday!


M o r e   i n f o