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    Counting My Kisses is all about finding that silver lining, even on our most frustrating days. It’s about cherishing my little girls and enjoying being married to my best friend. It’s about taking a minute to stop & remember what’s really important in life—and to discover that each & every experience gives us something to be thankful for.

    I’m a daughter, sister, friend, writer, and most importantly these days, a wife & mother. My life is full of fun chaotic moments, and this blog helps me to capture the laughter and love that fills our house every day.

    Thanks for joining me on this adventure!

The one where I can’t stop talking about how much I love summer

Happy first day of SUMMER!!!!


It’s officially my favorite season, friends. Spring is great & fall is fab & winter can even be pretty on a small scale {snow from December – February & then let’s warm up, k?}…but summer. Ohhhhh how I love summer.


I love feeling the warm sun on my skin.

I love hearing the birds chirp in the morning.

I love waking up in the middle of the night & listening to an impromptu thunderstorm.

I love sun-kisses cheeks and piggy tails on my girls.

I love it being light enough to play outside as a family after dinner… and the joy of watching them have a blast with their neighborhood friends.

I love getting to actually see my neighbors. And talk to them on a regular basis.

I love not having to put on boots, coats, hats, mittens, socks, etc. to leave the house. Throw on some flip flops & let’s go!

I love the promise of a family vacation, get-togethers with friends, cookouts, pool parties, sprinklers and lots & lots of ice cream. For the baby, you know.

And I love love love our little town’s BIG summer parade… and seeing my children’s faces light up with happiness & excitement. That is the start of summer for me.

What do you love about summer? Share in the comments section & have a GREAT day!!

Counting My Kisses: We’re kicking off summer in style around here, friends! We are heading out to spend the weekend with lots of college friends + their littles~ should be a fab time! I can’t imagine a better way to welcome summer with open arms than with sunshine, beaches and a whole lot of laughter with friends. Can’t wait! Hope whatever is on your agenda for this weekend is relaxing & filled with summer fun!

Have a GREAT one!

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There’s so many things to be thankful for Summer! :)I love attending birthday parties (there’s are so many people in my family that is celebrating this summer haha) and of course, biking with friends in the neighborhood! Oh the joy of summer, so exciting and fun :D



Summer is my second favorite season, for sure! (Spring is first). Love summer fun! xo


The secret

Her voice was so soft I could barely hear it through the monitor.

I paused in my laundry folding, wondering if I was hearing things.


Mommy, mommy.

Nope, not imagining it. It was definitely a very soft-spoken and sing-songy H-Berry calling for me.

I glanced at the clock~ after 9:30. I thought she was asleep!?


I found her sitting up in the middle of her big girl bed, looking impossibly tiny & very wide-awake.

“Sweetie? Why aren’t you sleeping?” I asked softly as I sat next to her on the bed.

She looked at me and said something in a quiet voice.

I didn’t catch it. I leaned forward so my head was next to hers.


“What did you say, baby?”

“Secret, mommy.”



With that, she gently pushed my hair back from my ear, leaned over and whispered, “You best mommy in world.”

Then she flashed her million-dollar smile and snuggled back into bed.

I sat there speechless.

And so very, very touched.


“Thank you, sweet girl!” I finally whispered softly. “That was a wonderful secret. That makes my heart soooo happy!”

She smiled again & pointed to her cheek.


I bent down, gave her a kiss and she closed her eyes, still smiling.


As I shut her door, I shook my head in wonder. All of the temper tantrums, the stubborn tendencies, the “me do it” demands that are filling up each of our days with this amazing yet sometimes challenging two-year-old…

that all was forgotten in an instant.


Tonight, I was H-Berry’s best mommy. 

And I’ll take it.

And wear it with pride.

And tuck this moment it into my heart for safekeeping.


Counting My Kisses: Sometimes your children can just blow you away~ and this was definitely one of those cases. I was planning on another can-I-have-a-drink-of-water request & instead was unexpectedly showered with words of love. Thanks for making my night, sweet girl! We are so very, very lucky to have you as a daughter. xo

Linking this post up with Shell for Pour Your Heart Out!




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Aw, Amy, that’s so sweet! You ARE a good mommy. From the mouth of babes. :)


What a sweet moment!

Amy, your girls are so beautiful!



Thanks Alison!! It was so sweet & completely unexpected. Sometimes it’s nice to have a little affirmation from the small set, you know?! :) xo


That is just the sweetest.


Unsolicited love from a toddler is always the best!


Hello, Monday! {daddy kisses + sparkly tutus}

Hello, friends!

And hello, brand-new week!


It’s sunshiney & gorgeous here today, which is the perfect way to start a Monday. We had a wonderfully busy & fun weekend~ Little O’s first dance recital was one for the memory books, our date night was fab & we had a lovely family-filled Father’s Day. Feeling so blessed this morning!


Shall we welcome the week & share some shots from this weekend? Let’s do it!



beaming & proud Little O, in all her dance recital sparkly tutu glory. She was SO EXCITED, it was 100% the cutest thing ever


to dancing queen H-Berry, who would have gotten up on stage with Big Sis in a second if given the opportunity. Next year, sweet girl! 


to adorable daddy-daughter love. The Hubs bought Little O her very first bouquet of flowers~ Little O was SO thrilled! {also: I must frame this picture, what a keeper!}. 


to mommy-daughter snuggles. My heart was bursting with pride & at the same time, slightly tender with how grown-up Miss O looked on Friday night. 


to our proud little fam! We were cheering loudly for Little O + her classmates! 


to Grammy & Grampy joining in the dance recital fun. We missed you, Mimi + Papa! 


to our little tree-hugging H-Berry. She was doing a little dance recital of her own for us while we waited for the curtain to go up! 


to Little O in the grand finale, waving like a pro. Love! 


to a super fun & much-needed date night with my very favorite guy. Love him so much! 


to daddy + his girls on Father’s Day. We had a great day celebrating him & the wonderful fathers in our lives! 


to the sweetest of H-Berry kisses. Love love loveeee. 


to our sweet girls, their I Love My Dad shirts & a fantastic weekend from start to finish! 


And hello to another fun & busy week! Beach time, parades and packing for a weekend away with college friends + their littles…should be a blast!

What are you welcoming this week, friends?


Counting My Kisses: It was a packed weekend of fun for us~ just the way we like it! Little O’s dance recital started the weekend off great {there really is nothing like watching four-year-olds dance + tumble around a stage}, and it just continued with our date night & Father’s day celebration. Three cheers for awesome weekends~ hope your was all sorts of fabulous as well, friends!

Linking up with Lisa Leonard’s Hello, Monday series!

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Two little girls {memories captured}

Happy Friday!!!

Hope you have all sorts of fun things planned for the weekend, friends. We have a great one ahead~ Little O’s recital tonight, an afternoon/evening date night for the Hubs & I tomorrow, and celebrating all of the incredible fathers in our lives on Sunday. I can’t wait to share pictures!


Today I’m linking up with Alison at Writing, Wishing and Galit at These Little Waves for Memories Captured. It’s one of my FAVORITE linkups, since it gives me the opportunity to take a step back & really soak in a moment.


There are SO many things I could capture right now:

~ Little O & H-Berry insisting on listening to Baby Nug before they go to sleep. They pat my belly, press their faces to my skin and talk softly to her. The kicker? They always tell her to have sweet dreams and that they love her. Love love love, so very much.

~ Little O’s mothering tendencies. She’s so sweet to her little sister that it can bring tears to my eyes. She’s encouraging, kind and patient~ and constantly taking H-Berry’s hand & including her. I melt {a lot} when that happens.

~ H-Berry’s talking explosion. In the past month or two, she has gone from talking a little bit to talking ALL the time. In mostly full sentences. Sometimes I stare at her & think, is this the same kiddo from a few months ago?! We’re so proud of her!


Those are just a few moments I’d like to tuck into my heart for safe keeping. In truth, I wish I could freeze it all right now. Even though the days can occasionally be exceptionally long & trying, I know I’m going to miss these ages fiercely.

Little O at 4 years old. 

H-Berry at 2 {and a quarter} years old. 

And our girls at the beginning of a summer full of adventure, giggles and fun. 

Love it.

Love them.

And love the chance to capture them like this.

Here’s to a great weekend, friends!

Counting My Kisses: I had such fun brainstorming words to use for Little O & H-Berry’s pictures. These two little girls are truly such gifts to the Hubs & I, and being their parents is the best thing we’ve ever done together. I can’t wait to celebrate the Hubs, my dad & my father-in-law this weekend~ and to all of the fathers out there, have a VERY happy Father’s Day!

See you back here on Monday, friends!


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They are so beautiful, and their cheeks! And smiles!
Beautifully done, Amy. Thanks for linking up with us.


beautifully captured


I feel the same way about all these moments when they are small, I just want to capture them all.


Hi Amy,

I’m stopping by from Memories Captured. Your girls are beautiful and this entire post just made me smile.


Just dance.


Have you ever had one of those weeks?


The kind of week where for all intents & purposes, things are good & happy & busy.


But then {in no particular order}:


1. The four-year-old doesn’t want to nap {she’s too busy playing with her 98598 bed friends} and the two-year-old should be renamed Sobfest McGee {because every.single.thing brings on epic tears}.

2. Your allergies that haven’t bothered you in roughly a decade decide THIS IS THE YEAR. And so you alternate between sneezing, clutching your six-month-pregnant belly so you don’t pull a ligament during those sneezes, and rubbing your eyes because OMG they itch so badly that you don’t even care that you’re smearing your mascara everywhere.

3. The four-year-old throws an uncharactistically HUGE fit in public and the two-year-old climbs out of her big girl bed during nap time & knocks on her door, calling out “Mommy? Help me!” about four minutes after you lay down for your nap.



So let’s say you are having one of those weeks. A good week, a fun week, but a I’m-thinking-about-hanging-out-in-my-closet-solo-for-a-half-hour-so-I-can-regroup-on-life week.


But have no fear, friends. I’ve found the magic solution.

It’s a little something called dance recital rehearsal.


Little O & I went on Tuesday night…and it was fabulous. It was adorable. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. And possibly the funniest.


Hard to say what my favorite moment was:

1. Little O shake shake shaking it like a boss. Rock it, sweet girl! 

2. Little O cheesing for the audience. Note that everyone else has moved on to the next step. Lol. 


3. Little O coming back onto stage solo & posing like Miss America {for no apparent reason}. Now that’s just awesome. 


I’ve never been prouder. I laughed until I had tears rolling of joy down my face.

There’s something about watching your child go for something~ really, really go for something~ that makes everything else click into place. The temper tantrums, the bed escapee, the obnoxious allergies~ it all melted away.

And I just enjoyed.


Just dance.

Maybe Lady Gaga was on to something…because I’m telling you, friends, watching my daughter just dance was exactly what I needed this week. I’m still smiling~ and what’s not to love about that?!

Counting My Kisses: Friday night is the big recital! And after watching the rehearsal, I’m 100% confident that even if no one remembers even one dance step out there, it will still be the best thing ever. I can’t wait! Also: a huge thanks to Little O & her dance team for providing a little much-needed perspective this week. I’m one thankful momma!

Have a GREAT day, friends!

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This made me laugh. All of us moms have days/weeks like this. Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing anything right or if I will ever get a break! Haha! But then they do something so funny like little O and her recital…so worth everything!


M o r e   i n f o