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    Counting My Kisses is all about finding that silver lining, even on our most frustrating days. It’s about cherishing my little girls and enjoying being married to my best friend. It’s about taking a minute to stop & remember what’s really important in life—and to discover that each & every experience gives us something to be thankful for.

    I’m a daughter, sister, friend, writer, and most importantly these days, a wife & mother. My life is full of fun chaotic moments, and this blog helps me to capture the laughter and love that fills our house every day.

    Thanks for joining me on this adventure!

A spontaneous weekend away

Now that the Hubs + I are for-real grownups {as in: three kids, a house + a dog}, we’ve come to the realization that spontaneous weekend trips away don’t just “happen.”


So you can imagine our amazement when:

1. our Dayton Flyers made it into the Sweet Sixteen.

2. we did a bit of research + could score awesome game tickets fourteen rows back.

3. Grammy + Grampy enthusiastically agreed to move in for a few days to take care of the girls.


4. the Hubs could arrange his work schedule for a few days off.

In a time span of just a few hours, we had a hotel room in Memphis booked, tickets to the game purchased, childcare coordinated + plans made with good friends to meet up on Beale Street on game day at noon.


Let me just say…we had an AWESOME weekend. And Dayton beat Stanford on Thursday night, ensuring we’d have a few more days of fun in Memphis as we celebrated our alma mater’s first trip to the Elite Eight in a few decades.

I’m pretty sure the spontaneity of the entire trip added to the magic. It was straight-up fabulous. Here’s Rudy {Dayton’s mascot} fist-bumping me~ he couldn’t get over the awesomeness either!

2441 1

Friends~ we had beers in the middle of the afternoon. The last time day drinking occurred…was apparently too long ago for me to recall. So this was a pretty momentous occasion. Plus we got to sit outside {it was snowing at home} + there were goats at the bar. What’s not to love?! 

2441 2
Speaking of love~ this guy right here was such a blast to be with all weekend. On the drive home we had one of those, “so it turns out we still REALLY love hanging out with each other” moments. That’s something to cheer about! 
2441 3

My face paint on Thursday night was good luck! It was totally worth the faint outline of paint that you could still see on my cheeks the next day {note to self: make sure people painting faces are using actual face paint next time…}.

2441 4
I love this picture because OMG we WON!!!!!!!! And we were there!!!!!!
2441 5
Needless to say, friends: it was a totally fantastic trip.

And quite possibly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. A whole lot of stars had to align to make this weekend happen, and we couldn’t be more thankful that it did! It was a much-needed and completely appreciated break~ and one that we’ll remember for a long, long time. 

2441 6

Can I put in my request now for a repeat March Madness weekend next year? Because this kind of fun needs to happen more than every 30 years. #justsaying #GoFlyers!

Counting My Kisses: We have our girls cheering “Gooooooooo Dayton Flyers!” like little champs right now. We’re gearing up for next year + hoping we can take our little Flyers to a game or two. A HUGE thank you to Grammy + Grampy for taking over the reigns of madness that is our house on a daily basis. And here’s to spontaneous weekends away!


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Confession time

confession time
So here’s the thing:

I’m afraid of my blog right now.


Eek. Even typing that out makes me cringe. But it’s true.


I launched this space that I love so much in May of 2011. May 19, to be exact~ Little O’s second birthday. H-Berry was just a teeny tiny four-month-old Baby H at that point.

I remember feeling completely esctatic as I brainstormed over the perfect blog name, mapped out how I envisioned the design, and jotted down a small army of topics that I couldn’t wait to blog about.

Staying up late to finish a post *five* nights a week didn’t phase me one bit. In fact, I thrived on it. I absolutely loved starting with a fresh, blank page + pouring my heart out through my words. You know when you feel like you’re the best version of yourself at that very spot in time? I was there.


And now I’m here.

I’m coming off of two long weeks of bloggy radio silence. I really enjoy writing the posts I DO post~ but let’s be honest, it’s intermittent at best these days.

My reasons? I have a laundry list of them, starting with three small children under five and ending with there’s always something else that I SHOULD be doing. But the reasons don’t really matter. It all comes down to this: I’m simply afraid to dive back in.

What if I can’t get back into the groove?

What if the words don’t come?

What if I don’t feel the passion that I used to have?

It’s enough to make me shut it down before I even get started.


And yet.

I’ve been hearing a nagging voice in the back of my head lately. It started off small + pretty easy to ignore. But slowly, as the weeks have turned into months, it has grown louder + louder. Currently, it’s shouting at me.

You need to write. 

You need to make time for your craft. Your passion. Your outlet.

You have stories to tell.

You have memories to capture.

You have words inside you that will connect with others. They have words that, in turn, will inspire you.

You LOVE this.



This is my first step towards facing my fear: holding myself accountable. I’m going back to posting three days a week. On the tough days it might just be a few pictures until I get my feet back under me…but I’m determined to stick to it. My heart is ready + my words are ready.

I’m jumping back in.

And boy, does it feel good.

Counting My Kisses: I was terrified to write this post~ admitting things out loud just makes it so real, doesn’t it?? But now that the words are out there…I feel strangely elated + relieved. Thanks for reading my confession, friends, and for hanging in there with me as I adjusted to my new normal these past few months. Can’t wait to get started on that idea list again~ we have LOTS to catch up on!


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I love your blogs! I check every day to see new pictures of the girls and updates of life around town! And all of your wonderful adventures…even when its just what imaginative things little O says at lunch time! I’m sure it is difficult coming up with ideas of things to write about…the big girls are doing the same things every day and baby J is probably changing daily! Just drink a glass or two of wine and let your creative juices flow! Maybe you need to pull a “Hubs” and make an excel spreadsheet of potential topics again! ;-)! I certainly hope you’re able to get back in the swing of blogging! xoxoxoxoxo



I love your blog, your attitude, your writing, and keeping up with your family! You are so real! I think now that i am a momma, i will enjoy everything even more!! Thank you for getting back into writing! Im so proud of you!!



Your blog is my favorite! I understand that it could be hard to find something to write about. It does feel good to jump back in. xo


Proud of you! And don’t I know that feeling, sister.


How sweet it is…

There’s this university I know.

It’s tucked into a not-so-big city in Ohio + produces some of the best.people.ever.


This university has heart.

It has fire. And drive.


This university teaches knowledge + faith + strength + virtue to its students.

It stresses the importance of being good people. Giving back to the world around you. And that dancing around in the streets at 2am is totally acceptable when surrounded by hundreds of your friends.


There’s something incredibly special about that campus.

The students + alumni know it.

The city surrounding the university knows it.

Anyone who has set foot on campus knows it.


And now that we’re in the Sweet Sixteen, the world finally knows it, too.


We have tons of amazing friends + even more incredible memories from this university.

It’s where the Hubs + I met and fell in love. It’s where we camped out for many cold days with our friends for front row basketball season tickets + for trips to Daytona Beach. We threw themed parties + laughed until our sides hurt + watched trashy TV shows for hours with our roommates + had more fun in four years than we thought was humanly possible.


It’s not just a college campus. It’s a family.

A big, loud, rowdy, amazingly fun-loving family.

And the Hubs + I couldn’t be prouder that our little family is a part of this BIG family that stretches from coast to coast + around the world.


It’s fun to be a Cinderella story in the NCAA tournament. Scratch that~ it’s AMAZING to be a Cinderella story.


But my favorite part is seeing how this journey has united an already close-knit school into one giant, enthusiastic, loud and proud family of Flyer Faithfuls.

We are UD!

We are UD! 


we are ud

Counting My Kisses: We’re cheerly loudly + proudly for our Flyers today~ this has been one AWESOME ride! Hopefully we’re taking home a win tonight~ but no matter what, this has been a fabulous reminder as to why the University of Dayton is one heck of an amazing place. Let’s go Flyers!!!!



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As always…. Perfectly stated! I love UD!!



Gooooo Dayton Flyers!



Beautiful! Love the picture of Baby J! xo


Kelly G

Well said! These last few weeks have been so much fun. Flyer Faithful til the end!!


Michele Donahue

Well said! UD gave me more than I could ever ask for and its hard to put into words but you always do such a great job of it!


Hello, Monday! {happy st. patrick’s day!}

Top of the morning to you, friends!

Hope your weekend was full of sunshine + fun! Our little fam had an AWESOME weekend. Roughly an 180-degree difference from the St. Patrick’s Day weekend of our dating/early married years~ and it’s never felt better.

Each year it gets a little easier to trade green beer at a packed bar for shamrock shakes with our little cuties. If your weekend {or your Monday!} includes green beer~ cheers! And if you are more in the shamrock shake season of your life like we are~ cheers to that, too.


I’m ready to start a fresh new week, how about you? Last week was good but a bit on the crazy side for us. I’m hoping to slow things down a bit this week + get back on track, especially here. Thanks for your continued patience as I adjust to the fun challenges of being a momma to three.

Let’s get started + welcome the new week, shall we?!


to our three little lady leprechauns. I see our Irish heritage twinkling in each pair of blue eyes!

hello monday 1


to melting snow + happy outside smiles! 

hello monday 2


to Spring being juuuust within reach. We can’t wait to play outside ALL.DAY.LONG! 

hello monday 3


to rockstar sunglasses + tricycle riding in the sun. 

hello monday 4


to standing outside in our jammies + evaluating the weather {H-Berry’s conclusion: “it’s NOT SNOWING!”}.

hello monday 5


to sunshiney picnics on our driveway with the girls. 

hello monday 6


to sidewalk chalk art + sunbathing beauties. 

hello monday 7


to dining al fresco! Baby J just loved snacking on baby food squash in the {extremely bright} sunshine. {I promise she did enjoy it…although this picture doesn’t really show it. Lol}. 

hello monday 8


to cutie pie three year olds. I wish I could dress in layers + look that adorable! 

hello monday 10


to the most fun loving Irish lady I’ll ever know. Hope you are enjoying your first St. Patrick’s Day in heaven, Grandma Ginny!

hello monday

And hello…

to hitting the jackpot this year. We are SO blessed! Happy St. Patrick’s Day, friends! 

hello monday 9

Here’s to a GREAT week ahead!!! And cheers to a fab St. Patrick’s Day to us all.

Counting My Kisses: We’re keeping our fingers crossed for some more warm sunshiny days ahead. Spring is just a few days away~ hopefully our weather takes the hint too! I’m so thankful today for the love of St. Patrick’s Day that my Grandma Ginny instilled in our family~ and that I have the opportunity to pass that along to my own family now. Have a great day, friends!


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This post is proof that spring is coming! #comeonspring xo


A little half-birthday love

Happy Thursday, friends!

And happy March 13th!


Today is a special day~ Baby J is 6 months old! {what?!} I cannot BELIEVE it has been six months since we welcomed her into our arms + hearts. I can’t imagine a day without her~ she is the perfect addition to our crazy, loud, wonderful, fun, amazing + loving family.


I can’t wait to catch up on life, friends. Things have been NUTS around here the past few weeks! Update + extreme picture over-sharing soon, I promise.

But for now~ a little half-birthday love for our sweet Baby J!

six months old!

six months old!!

six months old! 1

six months old!! 3

Love love LOVE!

Counting My Kisses: Oh this sweet girl melts my heart. I cannot BELIEVE she is six months old already! She is such a beautiful gift to us + we thank God for her cooing, giggly sweet self every single day. I wish she could stay this age for a year or two! We love you to the moon + back, baby bear.


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SO sweet! Babies grow so fast! xo



Thanks so much Amy! YES she’s growing wayyyy too fast!! :)


M o r e   i n f o