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    Counting My Kisses is all about finding that silver lining, even on our most frustrating days. It’s about cherishing my little girls and enjoying being married to my best friend. It’s about taking a minute to stop & remember what’s really important in life—and to discover that each & every experience gives us something to be thankful for.

    I’m a daughter, sister, friend, writer, and most importantly these days, a wife & mother. My life is full of fun chaotic moments, and this blog helps me to capture the laughter and love that fills our house every day.

    Thanks for joining me on this adventure!

This summer

I wish I could find the words to perfectly capture this summer.


It has been amazing~ the best one yet for our sweet little fam.

Full of laughter + memories + swimming + sunshine.


We’ve put some serious milage on the van.

And learned a few lessons about needing to pack lighter for our party of five.


We’ve let go of the die-hard nap schedules + tried to roll with life a bit more while out adventuring {a HUGE shout-out to Baby J for being the most flexible + adaptable third child EVER~ our sweet babe can sleep anywhere!}.


We’ve grown as parents. Fallen in love with each other a bit more every day. Each adventure has brought us closer together as a couple + as a family.


We’ve watched in amazement as the girls have grown right before our eyes. Accomplishments over the past few months include logging major scooter miles {the scooters have gone EVERYWHERE with us!}, learning to ride big kid bikes + swimming like little fishies under the water. Accomplishments in the under-one-year-old set include standing, clapping + saying dada, mama + baba. Nicely done, honey bunnies!


Our hearts have tripled in size as we’ve witnessed the sister love blossom between our sweet girls.


They don’t always get along~ and sometimes {ahem: almost always} they are very, very loud. But the fierceness in which these three love each other + protect each other takes our breath away.


It has helped to make this summer all the more magical.

And it has made our hearts overflow with love + gratitude + the need to capture every single moment 


Truthfully: I know our family will benefit from the routine + structure of the fall. I love crisp days, the vibrance of the leaves turning colors + cozying up under a blanket during a football game. And we’ll soon have a brand-new niece to snuggle, which I couldn’t be more excited about!


And yet…I still find myself wishing that this summer will never end.

I know it will…but my heart’s just not quite ready yet.

It’s too busy enjoying every moment of this memorable, remarkable, incredibly special summer. And I’m telling my heart to take all the time it needs.



Because this summer? It deserves a gold medal. It hasn’t been perfect~ but it has been completely amazing.


Counting My Kisses: I know it has been quiet around here  + I apologize. Little O starts kindergarten in 9 days {sob!} + we’re doing our very best to soak up every last drop of summertime fun. I miss you all + I miss this space~ but we’ll be back to our normal routine soon enough! Hope your summer days are full of sunshine, adventure + fun, friends. Have a GREAT day!


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Fab Five Friday {we’re having an awesome summer edition}

Happy Friday, friends!!


Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Things here are fun + busy + luckily, much healthier. We’ve had a few illness setbacks over the past week but everyone seems to {finally} be doing much better. Thank goodness, because it’s no fun to be sick, especially in the middle of a super fun summer!


Speaking of our super fun summer, here are a few happenings going on around here:

1. Baby J hit the double digits~ 10 months old! 

fab five friday 1

Someone needs to make.it.stop. I’ve started planning her first birthday party {sob!}~ how is that even possible?!?! It’s going WAY too fast!!!

2. We had the most darling coral + gray-themed baby shower for my sister Jenna {full post on that in the works!}. I mean, could she be any cuter?! We can’t wait to welcome our sweet baby niece to the world in early September!

fab five friday 3
 3. We spent last week with my parents + brother in my hometown, and we had an amazing trip!! There are too many highlights to recap~ but it was awesome to see aunts + cousins + friends, and especially spend the time with Mimi, Papa + Uncle Sean! 
fab five friday 2a
fab five friday 2

We look forward to our week there every summer + the girls are currently asking at least twice a day when we can visit again. Soon, sweet girls!

4. The Hubs + I enjoyed a lake weekend with our fab college friends last weekend while the girls spent the weekend at my parent’s house. Seriously, SO much fun. We laughed until our sides hurt + then laughed some more. 

fab five friday 4

Same time next year, guys? We’re thinking it might need to be an annual event!

5. These cutie pies finished up tball this week! We’re chalking it up to a success {not to mention they are over the MOON with their medals!}. 

fab five friday 5
I just love that these two can experience so many fun things together. I must say, 3 + 5 are REALLY great ages.:)


So those are a few of the highlights going on around here. On deck for this weekend: a combination of fun plans + some time around the house with the girls this weekend, which we’re looking forward to.

What’s on your agenda for the weekend? Have a GREAT one!!!

Counting My Kisses: I cannot believe how fast summer is sailing by~ we’re almost into August! Hands down, this has been one of my very favorite summers ever. We’ve been so blessed to have a schedule full of fun outings with friends, awesome visits with family, cool trips that the girls are loving + so much more. It’s going to be mighty hard to get back into the school routine~ but luckily we don’t need to think about that quite yet! Full speed ahead, awesome summer! We are loving every minute of you.:)


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Pure summer fun! We are having an awesome summer….running for the shave ice or ice cream truck, going to the pool, and spending cool summer nights with neighbors. Love summer! xo


Wordless Wednesday {sister story}

These girls.


They keep us centered;

they keep us laughing.

They help to remind us what’s truly important in life.


As parents, the Hubs + I know how much they depend on us~ to help them find their legs to soar, their strength to dream.


But what we didn’t realize…

wordless wednesday my girls

…is just how much they’d help each other stand strong from the very beginning.


Counting My Kisses: Years from now when our daughters read this post, I hope they understand how powerful this picture is~ and how much it touched my heart. Always cherish your sisters, sweet girls. They will be your very best friends through the ups + downs + twists + turns of life. Your sister story will unfold through the years~ but it’s pretty sweet to see those bonds of love + trust evident from the very beginning.

Love all three of you to the moon + back!


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THIS, this is beautiful. Sisters are amazing. xo



Ugh, I said Kellie again. I don’t understand why this keeps on happening.


Wordless Wednesday {little miss mischief}

A few days shy of 10 months old + Little Miss Mischief is in to EVERYTHING…

little miss mischief 2
little miss mischief

…in the most adorable of ways.

Counting My Kisses: It appears the Hubs + I have some SERIOUS babyproofing to do around the house! Baby J is climbing, crawling + pulling up on ALL THE THINGS right now. It’s so fun to see her grow + learn + explore~ I can’t believe we’re at this point already with her! Have a GREAT Wednesday, friends!


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She wants to follow the big girls and do everything they’re doing, I’m sure! She’s sure going to keep you all busy. :)



You are so right Helen!! The big girls are a HUGE motivating factor!!! She is keeping us on our toes for sure!!! :) Thanks so much for stopping by!



Adorbs! Ten month olds rock! xo


Our favorite guy {happy birthday hubs!}

You know that feeling that you get?


The one that says this is exactly where I’m supposed to be?

You’re that feeling for me. 

birthday boy

You’re my everything.

My co-pilot + my co-conspirator. The one who binge-watches entire series of shows with me + always knows that I need a bowl of ice cream once we get the girls to bed.

You’re the one I snuggle up to in a thunderstorm + text when the three-year-old accidentally locks herself in the bathroom {thanks for knowing where we put the key!}.

You ask the girls about the best part of their day each night at dinner. You push them on the swings + toss the ball around with them + show them the “right way” to wash a car.

You talk about our lawn more than I thought was humanly possible~ but I love the pride you take in our house, our family, our life. You work so hard + always come through the door after a long day with a smile, accepting whichever child I hand you without question.


We’re building a life of love + dreams + adventure~ one step at a time, one day at a time. Some days we run together + some days we have to inch along. Some days you have to carry me; others I have to carry you.

But we’re always in this together.


You show our girls what it means to be hardworking + kind, faithful + faith-filled. Every day you demonstrate that hard work pays off + that it’s important to always try your best.

Our girls are beyond blessed to have you as their daddy. And I’m beyond blessed to have you as my husband, my partner in crime, my best friend + the love of my life

birthday boy 2

May this be your best year yet! We love you SO much!

Counting My Kisses: How cute is that picture of the Hubs?! H-Berry snapped it over the weekend~ turns out she’s a budding photographer {never mind that the camera is almost as big as she is!}. I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend~ ours was FAB! I can’t wait to share a million pictures later on this week.:)Today’s all about celebrating the most beloved guy in our family~ what could be better?! Happy, happy birthday Hubs!


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SO incredibly sweet. xo


M o r e   i n f o